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It's not hard to tell if you're experiencing a clogged drain, and while many homeowners and business owners will attempt to deal with a clog on their own, it's always better to call in a professional. The bottom line is that you may not know what is causing your clog and what tools and techniques are necessary to fix the problem at hand.

When you get in touch with our plumbing team, we will schedule an on-site inspection and consultation at your earliest convenience. We know you don't have time to wait around, so we'll get to your location as soon as possible.

Our plumbers will take the time to inspect your drain carefully, understand what is causing the clog, and determine an appropriate course of action. We use state-of-the-art camera-detection equipment to provide a complete diagnostic assessment, and we follow up with smart strategies to unclog your drain for good. Our years of experience have helped us master the art of clearing clogged drains, so you can rest easy knowing you're in good hands with us.

Once we know what is needed to fix your drain, we'll provide you with a detailed cost estimate.

Locally Trusted and Preferred Clogged Drain Experts

Over our years serving the residents of Silver Spring, we've earned the reputation of being the best. We receive many requests from new clients with complex issues inhibiting the use of their drain and many repeat client who require preventative maintenance services. In either case, we approach the job with diligence, ensuring that whoever needs our help is always satisfied with our work. Considering our competitive prices, friendly and professional customer service, and speedy response times, it's no wonder we're the locally preferred clogged drain expert.

If you're in the local area and need help unclogging your drains, you can count on our team of experts. Reach out today, and we’ll dispatch someone as soon as possible to get your pipes flowing again.

Common Reasons for Clogged Drains

Almost anything can clog your drain, and that's why it's very important to be careful with what you flush down the toilet or dispose of in the sink. While some plumbing systems will break down undesired items, others are more sensitive and clog more easily.

The clog in your drain may be caused by:

  • Hair
  • Soap
  • Grease and oil
  • Dirt
  • Food waste
  • Small objects
  • Toilet paper buildup
  • Hygiene products
  • Mineral Build-up

It's important to note that your drain clog may not be caused by a single suspect. Most of the time, drain blockages are a combination of materials built-up over time.

Professional Drain Clog Repair

You may be wondering what the real difference is between hiring a professional plumber and doing it yourself - two words: tools and experience.

The truck of every competent plumber is filled with specialty tools that you won't find around your house. Not only do we have this equipment, but we know how to use it. From motorized drain snakes to sewer line cameras - we have what it takes to accurately identify the problem and get rid of it swiftly.

Over the years, we've unclogged countless drains in Silver Spring and beyond. Though every job's different, we offer the same level of care and commitment to quality to every client in need of our services. Whether your plumbing is slow to drain or completely clogged, you can count on us to find a long-term solution to your precise problem.

Don't risk causing more damage to your plumbing system and enlist the help of our seasoned plumbing team instead!

Keep Your Drains Clean with Regular Maintenance

With constant use, it's not unlikely that your drains will become clogged from time to time. The very best way to ensure the ongoing success of your pipes is to have them serviced by an expert on an annual or semi-annual basis.

We offer a range of affordable regular maintenance services tailored to your individual needs. By taking a proactive approach, we ensure your plumbing system stays in excellent working condition, helping mitigate the risk of clogs and other system failures. With our help, you'll keep your drains running clog-free for good.

Our experts would be happy to schedule a reoccurring appointment with you - call us to learn more!

Drain clogged? We're here to help.

They say they every homeowner needs to know which local plumber they can rely on. If you’re still looking for a plumber to unclog the drains in your home, we invite you to contact Guerrero Plumbing, LLC.

Guerrero Plumbing, LLC is the premier plumbing company in the Silver Spring area. We offer a fast, reliable and affordable service to unclog your drains—and keep them that way. With years of experience in the industry, we have the skill and expertise to get the job done faster and cheaper than the competition.

And we do it better. Our expert plumbing team has the tools, experience, and knowledge to check your drains thoroughly and ensure that your drains are running as best as they can. That way, we prevent any future clogs from occurring.

Contact us today for your free drain inspection.

With our clogged drain repair services, you can expect:

  • Fast Service Times: As plumbers, we're proud to offer prompt response times and speedy turnarounds on every job. Our years of experience have made us adept experts capable of handling any repair in record time. No matter how big the clog, we're here to get it gone fast—and forever.
  • State-of-the-Art Drain Inspections: We use industry-leading camera-detection technology to ensure the accuracy and precision of our drain repair services. Taking a comprehensive approach, we provide a thorough assessment, which allows us to deliver a 100% effective solution to the problem.
  • Licensed, Insured Plumbers: We are a fully licensed and insured plumbing company. Each member of our team combines years of experience with extensive training and certification to deliver the highest quality service available. With us, you don't just have any plumber. You have the best in the business.
  • Competitive Rates: We operate on a lean business model to help drive down costs and charge less for our services. By working smart, we manage to keep a lower overhead, allowing us to keep our service rates as competitive as possible. Why? We think you deserve not only a good-quality service, but also a good deal. We think you deserve a service that's not only professional but also affordable. It's part of our mission to you, the customer. It's part of what sets us apart as Silver Spring's top choice for local drain repair.

Problem-Free Drains with Our Plumbers

Every homeowner knows how frustrating a clogged drain can be. They can disrupt household chores or put a halt on showers. Sometimes a clogged drain can even compromise the main sewer drain, leading to a variety of other problems.

Luckily, most homeowners in the Silver Spring area already know how helpful our company’s plumbers can be to people in need. With us, clogged drains are nothing more than a minor inconvenience. With our fast response times, upfront quotes, and lasting drainage solutions, we turn drain clogs into a thing of the past.

Would you like to learn a little more about our licensed and insured residential plumbers? If so, contact us at your convenience. We are always eager to bring another client into the fold. With us, drains will never stay clogged for long. We might even show you some tips, so it doesn’t clog again. Call us today.

Honest and Upfront Clogged Drain Inspections

We believe service providers should earn a client’s trust. That’s why we go the distance to provide full transparency whenever possible. After you’ve seen how we work, we are confident you will trust us. We don’t just address all your concerns—we anticipate them. We will inform you of the extent and severity of the drain issues and lay out the best options available to you, according to rate.

Honesty is key in our line of work, but that isn’t all we provide.

Extensive Plumbing Inspections

A clogged drain might be giving you trouble today, but there might be other plumbing issues hiding out of sight. Your main sewer line could be backed up, or a pipe could be damaged somewhere within your plumbing system.

We provide an extensive inspection service so that we can diagnose your problem correctly. With us, there's no second guessing. We'll diagnose the problem and explain clearly how we can fix it.

As experienced tradespeople, we use our expertise to identify any issues that may predispose your drains to clogs and build-ups. We can then work with you to mitigate that problem and ensure that your water keeps flowing problem-free. Rest assured, we offer more than mere band aid solutions. Our services improve your household plumbing.

All our inspections include an honest and fair assessment of the job. We'll give you a clear estimate of the cost at a highly competitive rate.

Easy, Worry-Free Clogged Drain Repair

Sometimes a clogged drain requires more than the standard unclogging service. Sometimes a plumbing system is not just clogged—it is damaged. Do not worry, though. In instances of plumbing troubles, we can do everything from sewage water removal to jetting and pipe repair.

Our drain repairs are second to none. We strive to maintain our reputation as Silver Spring's leading clogged drain specialists.

We provide numerous drain-repair services for our many residential and commercial clients, including:

  • Sewage Water Clean-Up
  • Emergency Drain Clearance
  • Hydro Jetting
  • Preventing Regular Clogs and Build-Up

No matter the issue, our certified plumbers can solve it. Our years of experience ensure it.

The Clogged-Drain Maintenance Experts

For all our drain-clearing services, we strive to do the best job possible. That means we don't just clear your drains. We provide solutions to keep them clean and clog-free so that they function exactly as they should. An approach such as this saves you untold hours and much money in the long run. You won’t have to endure a slow-draining sink or bathtub in the future, and you won’t need to take time out of your day to request the services of an emergency plumber.

If your drains tend to clog up regularly, we'll be there to assess the issue. We can determine how best to improve your drainage system so that the problem does not persist. And if you have older drains, we can also update your plumbing system to make it more efficient. That way, you can rest assured that your drains will run clog-free.

Excellent Customer Service for Your Clogged Drains

At Guerrero Plumbing, LLC, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. When we're in your home, we treat your space with the utmost respect. We want to give you the greatest peace of mind possible. We make the whole process as quick and easy for you as it can be.

We never leave a job half-finished, or a work site half-clean. We will leave your property in pristine condition and drains in tip-top shape. If we need to remove sewage from your floors or basement, we will do so. If water pressure needs to be re-adjusted, we will adjust it. We know your standards for excellence are high—that is why we set ours even higher.

You'll Love Our Clogged Drain Services. Guaranteed.

At Guerrero Plumbing, LLC, we know we provide an exceptional service at an affordable rate. Our long list of happy customers can attest to the fact that we can unclog your drains faster and better than anyone else. And at an affordable rate.

We want you to know it too. All our services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not satisfied, then neither are we. And we'll work with you to make sure that you are.

We consider our satisfaction guarantee a testament to our quality as a service provider. We want every customer to walk away satisfied with our services—and we do everything we can to ensure they do. Ours is a business founded on transparency, integrity, and stellar customer service. It's those values that help set us apart as a local plumbing quality. And it's those values we bring to every job, ensuring we achieve nothing less than your complete satisfaction.

If you have a clogged drain, contact us now! We're confident you'll be pleased with your choice. In fact, we guarantee it.

Never Worry About Drain Clearance Again

Life is fast-paced. At Guerrero Plumbing, LLC, we recognize that not everyone has time to stop and deal with a clogged sink or shower. That's why we are here to help you unclog your drain so you can focus on the important things. Our experienced staff works around your schedule to ensure that your clogged sink repair goes as painlessly as possible. A clogged drain can be a very stressful experience, but we are here to make sure that you never have to fear one again.

When you call us, you can resolve minor issues before they become major problems. No matter the extent of the clog, we will unclog your drain—and we will do so with professionalism and ease.

Leave Your Clogged Sink Repair to the Professionals

When confronted with a situation as bothersome as a clogged drain, many people try to repair it themselves. It may seem like a quick and easy fix to pick up a drain snake and give it a shot, but why risk it? Our knowledgeable staff is well-versed in clogged drain repair and is on call 24/7 to assist you with any drainage emergency that arises.

If your drain is clogged, don't leave anything to chance and call us right away to make sure you can get back to your everyday life.

We Unclog Drains Quickly

Clogged Drain Inspections

Many people only think of drain clearance after it becomes an emergency. Once a sink or shower becomes completely blocked, it can become a significant problem. So why wait for this to happen? If you noticed that your sink is draining slower than before, or if there are gurgling sounds after running water, it is highly likely that your drain is on the way to becoming clogged.

Instead of waiting for the problem to get worse, drop us a line for a clogged drain inspection. We will be more than happy to diagnose your issue and help make your drain fully functional again. We are proud to offer competitive pricing and fair assessments, so you never have to worry if you made the right call to act on your clogged drain.

We Understand Clogged-Drain Maintenance

The secret to a functional and adequate plumbing system is regular maintenance. With maintenance, you can correct minor issues before they become extensive, saving you time and money.

Having a professional perform regular service on your drainage system can have a remarkably beneficial impact. The hard-working staff at Guerrero Plumbing, LLC prides ourselves on our ability to identify and fix any problem with your plumbing system. Routine maintenance of your drains will ensure that unwanted elements such as hair, grease, and rust will not build up in your pipes. This regular upkeep helps avoid any more substantial issues and expensive damage to your drains and can help extend the life of your plumbing system.

Eco-Friendly Drain Clearance

Guerrero Plumbing, LLC takes pride in our environmentally friendly approach to plumbing. We employ methods that are not just effective but also designed to produce as little waste and damage as possible. We believe it is essential to avoid harmful chemicals that could affect your health, damage your plumbing system, or hurt the environment. Instead, we prefer to use methods that unclog drains mechanically. These methods are fast, effective, reduce chemical waste, and help keep our costs low. Our eco-friendly approach to plumbing benefits both our customers and the environment, allowing for peace of mind and an overall pleasant experience.

We Are Here to Help with Your Clogged Drain

Chances are, if your Silver Spring home has experienced a clogged drain, then you don't need us at Guerrero Plumbing, LLC to tell you that this is a serious problem that needs to be fixed quickly. The simple reality is that a clogged drain can affect the value of your Silver Springs home as well as being a real pain at present. In reality, this means that toilets, sinks and bathtubs will back up and may even overflow if the problem is left without being repaired. Thankfully for you, help is at hand.

At Guerrero Plumbing, LLC, we believe firmly in the saying that good just isn't good enough. That is why when you contact us for your home or business's clogged draining needs, you can rest assured that you will receive a professional an efficient service that will not be bettered for price, convenience or quality.

So, if you want a plumbing service that is unrivalled for quality and experience in Silver Spring, then you need to contact Guerrero Plumbing, LLC today.

Two Signs Your Home's Drain May Be Clogged

While most people in Silver Spring know that their home's central draining system is important, they don't always know just how important it is. In essence, your home's sewer drain is the link that brings your home's wastewater to the municipal sewer system. This means that clogs in your drain can be a very serious issue as it can cause massive disruption to your Silver Spring home.

Like any plumbing related issue, the sooner our team of plumbers can get to work on the drain problem in your home, the greater the likelihood it is that we will be able to find a fixable solution. So, with that in mind, here are two signs that your home's drains may be clogging. If you detect any of them in your home, then you need to contact us right away:

Multiple Clogged Water Fixtures: The first and easiest way of detecting that your home's sewer drain has become clogged is if you have detected multiple clogs throughout your home and in different water fixtures. This includes, toilets, tubs, faucets, washing machines, dishwashers and almost all other appliances that contain stagnant water.

Overflowing Water Between Fixtures: A quick and easy way of detecting if your home's sewer drain is clogged or whether you simply have multiple drains that have smaller clogs in them is by testing a single fixture. So, for instance, if you suspect that your toilet is clogged, then if it is clogged, water will simply back up the toilet. However, if the sewer drain is clogged, then the water will go through your plumbing and come back up in another lower drain such as a bathtub.

Avoid Clogged Drains with These Preventative Tips

Having a clogged drain isn’t fun. Without proper drainage, kitchen and bathroom sinks begin to back up, preventing you from performing household chores or daily hygiene rituals. But clogged drains aren’t inevitable. In fact, you can go a lifetime without ever having your drain clog if you take care to treat your system as it was designed to be used.

The simplest way to ensure your drain is never clogged is to only pour water and soap down it. It's really that simple! Here are a few proactive tips to help you keep your drains clear and free-flowing:

  • Cover the tub drain with a mesh screen or hair catcher to prevent hair and soap scum from entering
  • Never force leftover food down the drain, not even the crumbs or coffee grounds!
  • Never pour grease or oil down the drain
  • Never flush dense, stringy, or bulky material down a toilet, including feminine hygiene products and dental floss

Preventing clogged drains is simple if you follow a few basic rules to treat your sinks right. However, if you do run into issues and need help from a certified plumber, you know who to call!

How to Keep Your Drain Clean

Following the above tips will help you prevent your drains from clogging, but we still recommend you take extra steps to keep them cleaned. Here is a list of the most useful and easy-to-do drain cleaning tasks:

Flush out your drains every week: All you need to do is fill the sink and tub with hot water, then drain it. You can also run hot water down the drain after you shower or wash a sink full of dirty dishes.

Perform a monthly deep clean: Get your cleaning gloves on for this one because it can get a little grimy! Remove the pop-up assembly for the drain and feel for any excess hair and thick soap debris. Rinse it with hot water to wash away anything you missed. You’ll be surprised to know how quickly your drains will flow once you're done.

Rinse with an enzyme drain cleaner: Rinsing an enzyme drain cleaner down your drain once a month is an excellent way to prevent pipe erosion. It also helps organic buildup to break down easier for a smoother flow and to avoid clogging.

With these simple steps, you can expect your drains to flow smoothly and avoid clogging issues.

Common Clogging Culprits

The pipes in your Silver Spring home are chock full of mysteries. Hidden behind walls and under sinks, they're inaccessible. Since their job is to carry away waste, you probably don't want to know what's in there.

The one exception: clogged drains.

As plumbers, our customers are always asking us what we've found in their pipes. Honestly, it's usually pretty normal stuff! But there are some weird stories.In case you've ever wondered what's jamming up the pipes in your Silver Spring home, we're here to tell you.

Shower drains: Usually shower drains are clogged by a slow buildup of hair, soap scum, dead skin and dirt. Over the years we've unclogged drains with massive clots of hair and soap. Ever wondered what hair smells like after soaking for nine months deep within your plumbing system? Yeah—you don't want to know!

Bathroom sink drains: Like the shower, you've got your usual culprits: hair, skin, and soap. Add some makeup, toothpaste, face creams, the odd tissue, some cotton swabs and you're getting the right idea. But bathroom sinks happen to have a lot of other weird things sitting around the countertop. Dentures and retainers are more common than you might think. The strangest (but also not at all surprising) thing we've found? A glass eye!

Kitchen sink drains: This one kind of drives us crazy. Your garbage disposal can't eat everything! Specifically, fibrous waste like artichoke leaves and potato peelings as well as cutlery, cloths, and even wedding rings—it's important to read the instructions first! For kitchens without garbage disposal units, the clogs we find usually have to do with grease and food particles that build up over time.

Toilets: It goes without saying that when it comes to clogged drains, toilets are the worst and we're pretty sure we don't need to explain why. Because of their size, toilet bowls are really good at catching things that fall on or near them. If you think it can fit in there, we've probably found it. Playing cards, keys, cell phones, socks, shot glasses...the list could go on forever!

We're not trying to embarrass you, though. It's that we at Guerrero Plumbing, LLC have seen it all. Nothing could surprise us at this point. Don't be shy. If you have a blocked drain and a sink that's overflowing, you don't have time to waste.

Call us before your plumbing job becomes a flood restoration job!

How to Unclog a Sink

As plumbers we know a thing or two about clogged drains and how to get them back to normal functionality. And while we don't recommend that our clients unclog extremely blocked drains, we're happy to talk about our process so you know what to expect when you call Guerrero Plumbing, LLC.

When you've used all the drain cleaner and your sink still won't run smoothly, our lines are open, and our professional certified plumbers are able to get to Silver Spring homes in record time.

While the basic methods for clearing blocked drains such as plungers and chemical drain cleaners can be effective, this isn't always the case. In these instances, we will employ augers or “plumbing snakes” as well as flat sewer rods to clean deeper drain lines.

If you have noticed clogging in multiple drains, we'll always recommend a video inspection where we'll lower a camera on the end of a flexible coil into your drain to see exactly what is going on. Multiple blocked drains could be a sign of a larger problem in your main sewer line and catching this as early as possible is important in getting an affordable fix.

How to Unclog a Toilet

Figuring out how to unclog a toilet is one of the most common problems for homeowners in Silver Spring. Even the best systems can get clogged from time to time and when they do, it is a huge pain! Not having the proper use of your toilet can mess with your entire day. Luckily for you, Guerrero Plumbing, LLC won't stand for this.

When clients wonder how to unclog a sink, we wouldn't recommend taking this on by yourself due to potentially bad results that will cost you more in the future.

Using all the right safety gear and equipment, we'll first prep your bathroom in case of messes. From there, we'll start off with a professional-grade plunger. If this does not work, we will move on to the use of a plumbing snake and in some cases a camera inspection to see what is stuck down there.

For extreme clogs we use high-pressure cleaners and vacuuming tools to pull out stubborn clogs. From kid's toys to clothing to tools, we've seen it all come out of drains right here in Silver Spring!

Emergency Drain Clearance

If multiple drains are clogged in your home, don't hesitate to call our team in. We make our services available 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week in case you find yourself in an emergency situation. Blocked drains can be a minor annoyance, or they can signify a much larger problem that has to be dealt with immediately. In either case the general rule of thumb is that waiting around is only going to make it worse in frustration and financial burden.

Affordable Emergency Drain Cleaning

When your drain gets clogged, you need a plumber that you can trust—a plumber who will act fast and won't overcharge you because of it. At Guerrero Plumbing, LLC, we keep our prices low and our service top-notch—even for emergency drain cleaning. We are responsive, honest, polite, and skilled.

If your drain is clogged and there's a mess on your hands, call the best plumber with the best prices.

Responsive Drain Cleaning Service

The last thing you want to do is wait around for the plumber. Like other essential services, plumbers need to be available, responsive, on time, and fast workers. At least, that's what we believe.

Speed is the name of the game. Not only will we be there fast, but we'll perform the work quickly and be out of your home quicker. Give us a call and find out why people in Silver Spring trust us for their drain cleaning and other plumbing services.

Advanced Drain Cleaning Technology

Our favorite part of our toolkit is the drain scope. This state-of-the-art technology allows us to get a fully lit view inside your pipes. No more mess. No more stripped joints. No more hassle. This non-invasive tool allows us to do great work without any risk.

We simply feed the flexible video camera into your drain to find out what's causing the clog. We can watch the video on a laptop or a mobile device. It's easy, fast, and effective!

Why Choose Guerrero Plumbing, LLC to Unclog Your Drain

We have based our business on the idea that customer service means being on call and ready to respond at a moment's notice. By now, it's what we're known for! Our 5-star reviews on Google say it all. We come highly recommended for:

  • Quick response rate
  • Fast service
  • Affordable prices
  • Professionalism
  • Friendly and knowledgeable plumbers
  • Years of experience

But don't take our word for it, go check out our reviews and let our clients convince you that, when it comes to plumbing, Guerrero does it best!

Professional Plumbers that Get the Job Done

When it comes to plumbing, we show up ready for anything. As a plumber, you never know what you're going to find in those pipes. It's a surprise every time. We expect the unexpected. And this anticipation of the unknown guides the way we work.

Our branded vans are stocked with all the tools needed to fix a wide range of plumbing problems. We don't just bring what we need for the job at hand. We're prepared for the worst. After all, most clients are only half-sure what's wrong with their plumbing system. It could be a clogged drain. It could be something worse. We bring everything we need to respond to the vast array of malfunctions we face daily.

What does that mean for our clients? It means faster service completed on the spot—on time and on budget. It means you get to avoid costly delays and frustrating wait times. We're the plumbing company that does it right. Call us now.

Residential Drain Cleaning Service

Is one of the drains clogged in your home? Have you tried everything and it just won't work? Don't reach for that bottle of highly corrosive drain cleaner—you'll rot your pipes and hurt the environment. Call Guerrero Plumbing, LLC to get the job done fast. Call us to get the job done right.

We are a team of professionally certified and insured residential plumbers. We will carefully examine your plumbing system to determine the specific cause of the clog. In some cases, we may even use one of our ultra-modern scoping cameras to take a look right inside. Then we'll take action to remove the blockage carefully. In some cases, we will use plumber's snakes while in others we may take apart sections of the piping system to get right inside.

Either way, we will unclog your drain and make sure that your home's plumbing system will remain durable for years to come. Call us now.

State-of-the-Art Camera Scoping Technology

One of the incredible innovations in recent years has been the use of super small, mobile cameras. For plumbers, this translates into the incredible technology called scoping. Originally used by surgeons for non-invasive surgeries, our plumbing team uses these flexible cameras to get right inside your plumbing system, without having to take anything apart.

Forget about trial and error troubleshooting or diagnostics. With mobile cameras, we are able to understand why your drain is clogged and how to fix it, before opening anything up. We are a plumbing company open to adopting new technologies that improve the customer experience.

More efficient, more accurate, and more reliable. That's the Guerrero Plumbing, LLC difference.

Affordable and Low-Cost Clogged Drain Services

When your drain gets clogged, the last thing you want to do is hire an expensive plumber for what amounts to a quick fix. And in Silver Spring, you don't have to. We are the affordable choice for plumbing services. Our prices for drain unclogging are competitive and consistently undercut other plumbing companies.

Part of the reason for this is that we are a small plumbing business dedicated to helping our community. We are not interested in ripping off our neighbors, friends, and family. We are only interested in doing quality work at reasonable prices. People depend on us to keep their water flowing and their sanitation system efficient. And we take that responsibility very seriously. Call us now to learn about how we can help you.

Licensed and Insured Plumbing Company

We are a team of professional plumbers with years of experience. But more than that, we are professionally licensed plumbing contractors in the state of Idaho. Not only does this legal guarantee mean we will unclog your drain according to standards of compliance, but we also specialize in a wide range of other plumbing services.

We are also insured, meaning that you don't have to worry about any liabilities while we are on your property. We cover all our bases so that you can have peace of mind knowing you're in good hands.

Homemade Drain Cleaners

At our company, we’re not here to sell you services you don’t need. That’s why we have no qualms about helping you unclog your drain with natural products that you probably already have in your kitchen pantry. In fact, we encourage our customers to try this drain cleaning method before they call us. Often, this homemade concoction removes minor blockages the first or second time, so give it a try. There’s nothing to lose and only money to save.

For this all-natural drain solution, you only need four ingredients: baking soda, salt, white vinegar, and boiling water. You’ll need at least one cup of each of the first three. One of the best parts about this drain remedy is that it’s made from natural products and, as a result, is gentle on the environment. Most over-the-counter products that you find in major hardware stores contain harsh chemicals that end up in our water supply with damaging effects. This recipe, on the other hand, is safe for you, your home, and the planet.

As a side note, many of our clients ask us if a simple plunger will work on clogged drains. Most of the time, drain blockages consist of hardened grease and tough residue that sticks to the inside of your pipes. Typically, a plunger won’t work against this type of build-up, which is why we suggest the following:

  • Pour one cup of baking soda, salt, and vinegar down the drain, in that order.
  • Wait roughly 15 minutes for the ingredients to combine and react.
  • Pour a pot of boiling water down the drain (being careful to protect yourself as you do).

The resulting chemical reaction will create pressure and foam, loosening obstructions inside the pipeline. When sufficient time has elapsed, the boiling water will wash away the loosened particles, resulting in a clear and clean pathway.

If the Problem Persists, Call a Plumber

If this homemade mixture doesn’t work the first time, there’s no harm in trying once more. Sometimes, the first attempt will loosen the blockage slightly, but not enough for the water to remove it altogether. A second, or even third attempt, might do the trick. If the problem persists, however, you may have a larger issue on your hands, and household items won’t suffice. When this natural cleaner fails, rest assured knowing professional assistance is only a phone call away. Give our certified plumbers a call. We have advanced removal equipment that is sure to make any plumbing problem a thing of the past.

At-Home Drain Maintenance

If our homemade recommendation didn’t work this time, it was probably because the build-up was left unattended for too long. In the future, we suggest using this homemade drain cleaner periodically—every few months— as part of a regular drain maintenance plan. With routine applications, you won’t give deposits enough time to grow and harden, and the baking soda and vinegar mixture is more likely to be effective. If you continue to remove blockages as they begin to form, you’ll prevent having to pay for a professional visit again.

Call Us Today

At Guerrero Plumbing, LLC, each of our plumbers can solve a clogged sewer problem easily by using high-pressure hydro-jetting equipment to clear the clog in your home's drains. This means that even the most challenging of obstructions can be dealt with in no time at all.

The thing is, no one wants the inconvenience of having a plumber come over. That's why we work as quickly as we can. We'll be in and out before you know it. And while they're plumbing the depths of your sewer system, our friendly, honest and knowledgeable plumbers are sure to brighten up your day with exceptional service!

We're looking forward to hearing from you. Call us today!