Water Heaters in Silver Spring

No Hot Water in the Mornings? Why You Should Upgrade to a Tankless Water Heater Today

Picture this scene: you wake up three minutes before your alarm goes off in your Silver Springs home. The sun is shining outside, you laid your work outfit on your dresser the night before, and you’ve even made yourself a delicious smoothie for when you head out the door. Nothing could possibly ruin my mood this morning, you think.

And then you step into the shower.

Sure, it’s a first-world problem, but there really are very few things as frustrating as when you have no hot water to enjoy a shower or wash your hands with. And for many homes in Silver Spring, this problem is a sad reality. Why?

Many homeowners still live in old midcentury homes that rely on natural gas weather heaters and use a central reservoir model. These heaters take ages to heat up and are extremely inefficient.

So what’s the solution? Buying a new water heater installed by Guerrero Plumbing, LLC. Say goodbye to cold sad mornings and say hello to water that heats up instantly and on-demand.

That’s right. When you switch your electric hot water tank to a tankless system, your water heater problems are a thing of the past. Your water stays hot as long as you have the faucet running.

What’s the big difference? How does it work?

Tankless Water Heaters: A Revolution in Technological Innovation

So, the tankless model of water heater has been around for a while. In fact, the very first type of water heater without a tank was patented in 1929! But the fact of the matter is that this method of heating was too expensive for all but the wealthiest home or business owners.

Now that advances in technology allow for lightweight metals and unparalleled energy efficiency, renovating your home so that it no longer requires the use of a large electric hot water tank is something most Silver Spring residents can afford.

This unobtrusive method doesn’t require a big basement or a clunky water tank that needs regular replacement. There’s no loss of heat or water damage from your hot water heater leaking. Instead, electric heating coils are placed near to your sink or shower faucet, and the water is heated instantly as it passes. Talk about convenient!

These ‘instant water heaters’ can now be inexpensively bought and installed by Guerrero Plumbing, LLC. And our commitment to customer service is second-to-none in the area.

Never Take a Cold Shower Again

Say goodbye to the days of no hot water because your hot water heater was leaking. Invest in a new on-demand water heater and reap the many benefits that instant hot water can provide. Imagine—no more choosing between washing dishes or taking a shower, and no fighting over the hot water no matter how many people are in your home! To make this sweet dream a reality, call Guerrero Plumbing, LLC today. We’re the undisputed kings of water heating for the entire state of Maryland. Call us today!